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10 Ways a “Rich” Missionary from the West Can Honor God in a Poorer Culture

Live in a village with the people. Do not live in a gated community unless you live in a city where a majority of the population would live there as well. Do not live in a compound. Rent, buy, or … Continue reading

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William Carey on Success

Near the end of his life, the man who translated portions of the Bible into nearly two score languages said: “I can plod and persevere. That is my only genius. I can persevere in any definite pursuit. To this I … Continue reading

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Who Are We to Say that Lance Was Wrong?

Last Wednesday while my bakkie rolled toward town for my weekly trip I listened to Feisel call into the national radio station, SAFM, to air his thoughts on their open line. “Look, I don’t know what everyone’s getting upset about with Lance … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is Better than Peter Jackson’s

Tolkien’s Faramir is a classic hero, whereas Jackson’s Faramir is a post-modern wimp with complex relationship problems. Tolkien’s Gollum has an internal heart problem that obliges him to sin and which he can’t overcome. Jackson’s good Gollum says at one … Continue reading

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9 Problems with the Prosperity Gospel

The prosperity gospel will find no corner in which to hide its head on this blog, so let me start with a simple list of problems inherent to the message that Jesus died to deliver us from poverty. The prosperity … Continue reading

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If Only I Had Three Hands

My right hand holds the London Baptist Confession of 1689 pretty firmly with only a few exceptions—like defining the pope as the antichrist (a pretty common hermeneutical conclusion back in the Luther-Calvin-Council of Trent days). And Tolkien’s Lord of the … Continue reading

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