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Sin is Inconsistency

For both believers and non-believers, though in different ways toward each group, sin is a kind of inconsistency. The believer claims to love Jesus Christ, yet at the moment of sin, his heart is set in opposition to Christ. If … Continue reading

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25 Questions to Ask the Text

To strengthen my eyes’ ability to see the text, here is a list of 25 questions I am in the habit of asking when I am preparing to preach. Who is speaking? To whom is this verse written? Is this … Continue reading

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A Sampling of Common South African Christianity

In Louis Trichardt on Wednesday 22 August 2012, my bakkie needed some help. I struck up a conversation with a man from Thohoyandou who was also waiting at the workshop. The man had a job and a nice car. Not … Continue reading

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Treating Hell the Way it Deserves to be Treated

When the judgment of God is discussed in academic literature, it typically centers around why the account of Lazarus and the Rich Man is a parable about “social justice” or some other milder interpretation which requires a lengthy and heavily … Continue reading

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Help With Consistency

“As you think and write, keep asking how someone might find fault with what you say. This simple process–really only an outworking of Christian humility–will help you to avoid invalid arguments and inconsistencies.” John Frame, The Doctrine of the Knowledge … Continue reading

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Right and Wrong Ways to Respect Your Pastor

While I was speaking to a pastor on the Lord’s Day at the entrance to his church, a teenage girl came out, and bowed before him with her hands lifted up to receive. He obliged her pleading hands by dropping … Continue reading

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The Power of First Impression

“We are ready to be carried away by that quality which strikes the first or the strongest impressions upon us, and we judge of the whole object according to that quality, regardless of all the rest; or sometimes we colour … Continue reading

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Incriminating Photos

Here are a pair of photos I took near our house. My experience in the rural areas of southern Africa shows that this kind of “Christianity” is by far the predominant strain. So, when 74% of South Africans claim to … Continue reading

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Observations from a Recent Prosperity Gospel Crusade in Our Village

Before the Preaching Before the preaching: An elder in his church had told me the day before (Wed.) that they were most aligned with Benny Hinn and Kenneth Hagin. Before the preaching I asked a lay elder what were the … Continue reading

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