What It Takes to Be a Missionary

Here is the covenant that Carey wrote for the missionaries who served together with him at Serampore.

  1. To set an infinite value on men’s souls.
  2. To acquaint ourselves with the snares which hold the minds of the people.
  3. To abstain from whatever deepens India’s prejudice against the Gospel.
  4. To watch for every chance of doing the people good.
  5. To preach ‘Christ crucified’ as the grand means of conversions.
  6. To esteem and treat Indians always as our equals.
  7. To guard and build up ‘the hosts that may be gathered.’
  8. To cultivate their spiritual gifts, ever pressing upon them their missionary obligation–since Indians only can win India for Christ.
  9. To labour unceasingly in biblical translation.
  10. To be instant in the nurture of personal religion.
  11. To give ourselves without reserve to the cause, ‘not counting even the clothes we wear our own’.

A competent knowledge of the languages current where a missionary lives, a mild and winning temper, and a heart given up to God–these are the attainments, which, more than all other gifts, will fit us to become God’s instruments in the great work of human redemption.


I bolded my favorites. William Carey by S. Pearce Carey, page 240.



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