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What Do You Talk to a Missionary About?

Not long after arriving back in the US, the returning missionary is likely to hear that most unanswerable of questions, “How’s Africa?” Since that question is so common, and since it is so difficult for a number of reasons, here’s … Continue reading

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An Unusual Conference

Last week I attended the Conference on the Church for God’s Glory. Dan Hester, my brother-in-law and I went together and we met up with about half a dozen men from Bethel Baptist in Schaumburg, IL as well. One pastor, … Continue reading

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How Powerful is Common Grace?

A friend wrote to me recently: We’ve spoken of this often, but I still struggle with the teaching of Total Depravity whereby, it is asserted, sin affects everything, including the mind on spiritual and earthly matters. Practically speaking, I am … Continue reading

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Pop Music is Seeping

“[Pop music] has seeped into our sensibilities in such a way that nothing that antedates it really sounds like music to us. … To dismiss the cultural effects of music as insignificant or merely a matter of taste, is like … Continue reading

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Extra-biblical Ethics

Sometimes Sola Scriptura is turned on its head to mean we are only required to do what can be explicitly proof-texted from the Bible. The argument seems to be: without a specific statement from Scripture, then we are free to … Continue reading

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Getting Back on Track

Due to furlough traveling and busyness, I’ve been absent for about a month from posting, but hopefully that we be corrected now as I’ve got a better connection, and some of the busy work is done now. Thanks for your … Continue reading

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