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A Survey: Do You Believe in the Prosperity Gospel?

Originally posted on Between Two Cultures:
The Prosperity Gospel is ubiquitous. No religion, denomination, or culture is exempt. Here are twenty questions to test how much the Health and Wealth message has affected you.  The answers are at the end of…

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A Letter On Hearing Sermons by John Newton

Notice the bolded comments in this classic letter.

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A Good Furlough Visit Illustrated

We bless God that He has graciously yoked our family with like-minded churches and pastors. With nine supporting churches and about a dozen families, we have been able to spend around a week with each church. I don’t think this … Continue reading

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Furlough to the Glory of God

The last two verses in Acts 14 record the first furlough visit by the first two foreign missionaries of the church. If they are good examples and worthy of imitation (which I believe they are in their missions philosophy) then … Continue reading

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Questions to Ask an Old Earth Christian

Not only would I like to hear their answers to these questions, I’d like to hear their best dozen or so questions fired back at our side. Do you believe the earth is millions or billions of years old? Do … Continue reading

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The Evils of Infant Baptism

This list comes from Robert B. C. Howell, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention from 1851-1858, and the entire book is available online. Infant baptism is an evil because its practice is unsupported by the word of God. Infant … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage is Wrong Because Christianity is Right

As I listened to a debate between Doug Wilson and Andrew Sullivan on the question, “Is Civil Marriage for Gay Couples Good for Society?” I began to participate at several levels myself. Already I was evaluating their individual arguments and … Continue reading

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What is Culture?

Tim Keller’s praise for D. A. Carson’s new book on culture demonstrates the importance of the term in question: “There is no more crucial issue facing us today than the relationship of the church and the gospel to contemporary culture.” … Continue reading

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Pentecost Was the Nicest Non-Essential the Church Ever Received

From the perspective of Covenant Theology (CT), the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit including all the unique ministries He executes on behalf of new covenant believers was a very nice, yet non-essential addition to an already-functioning old covenant church. … Continue reading

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