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What is Culture?

Tim Keller’s praise for D. A. Carson’s new book on culture demonstrates the importance of the term in question: “There is no more crucial issue facing us today than the relationship of the church and the gospel to contemporary culture.” … Continue reading

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A Hint from a Jury Summons

Thus, my jury summons for 29 May 2013, “Do not wear shorts.” To fulfill my duty as a resident of Illinois, I have to take a day off work, travel downtown, and be prepared to serve as a responsible member … Continue reading

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“Contemporary Worship at 11!”

When we sing praise to an everlasting God, or sing about a Redeemer who died for us over two millennia ago, but do so employing musical forms that imply that the past is passé, we are communicating a mixed message. … Continue reading

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Vanity Fair’s Effect on a Christian

That Christian is in a bad state of mind who has suffered himself, by attention to worldly cares, or by light conversation, or by gayety and vanity, or by reading an improper book, or by eating or drinking too much, … Continue reading

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How Powerful is Common Grace?

A friend wrote to me recently: We’ve spoken of this often, but I still struggle with the teaching of Total Depravity whereby, it is asserted, sin affects everything, including the mind on spiritual and earthly matters. Practically speaking, I am … Continue reading

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Pop Music is Seeping

“[Pop music] has seeped into our sensibilities in such a way that nothing that antedates it really sounds like music to us. … To dismiss the cultural effects of music as insignificant or merely a matter of taste, is like … Continue reading

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Extra-biblical Ethics

Sometimes Sola Scriptura is turned on its head to mean we are only required to do what can be explicitly proof-texted from the Bible. The argument seems to be: without a specific statement from Scripture, then we are free to … Continue reading

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The Power and Place of Ridicule

Originally posted on Towards Conservative Christianity:
A post like this may seem to some like those who call evil good and good evil. Can there be anything edifying in ridicule? Is ridicule ever an exercise in saying what is true,…

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Can You Accidentally Break the Third Commandment?

Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain. Recently, David de Bruyn has been insightfully plowing up the ground of the third commandment. But in my context, another question has been raised. I have heard … Continue reading

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Don’t Play with Fire

A respected evangelical scholar addresses the rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16:19-31. Here is all he wrote on the nature of the torment that unbelievers will experience: “This suffering, however, is probably more mental than physical, since otherwise the … Continue reading

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